Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Word for Wednesday


etulant: moved to impatient irritation over a trifling annoyance

As in: Bill Compton's description of his newly-made vampire, Jessica: "She's petulant, dangerous, and scared."

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I heard this word last night while watching our newest Netflix guilty pleasure, True Blood.  James is a long-time sci-fi/vampire/zombie- lover, but I started watching this show very reluctantly...and now I'm hooked.  It's addictively funny and clever. 

Biding our time until the final season of Entourage is released, and the next season of Californication--my other two Netflix guilty pleasures.  What shows do you watch--any recommendations?

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.


  1. Assuming Dexter is on Netflix- that's a good one to try!

  2. James LOVES Dexter and we do occasionally Netflix it..though, it's not my fave...