Friday, September 23, 2011

Attention Creative Geniuses

So, I admit, occasionally on this blog I have mentioned that I work for a small non-profit called St. Lawrence Place (SLP). Heck, I may have even shamelessly promoted one or two of our special events in the past...but this time, it's not shameless, I promise! This is really cool, y'all!  And you can get a really cool prize if you help us out!

Just a reminder--SLP provides support services, life skills, and transitional housing for homeless families with children in Columbia, SC.

We are looking to re-brand, and as a first step, we are in search of a new logo!  You can see the details on our website here.

The prize package includes:
image via here
  • Dinner for 8 at your home from Pawley's Front Porch Food Truck!  (have you eaten from the Pawley's Food Truck before--it is amazing!)  I had a BLT a couple Saturdays ago and it was heaven...Fried Green Tomatoes, Pimento Cheese, lots of bacon...mmmm.
  • Spirits and soft beverages to accompany dinner.
  • Serving pieces painted by teens and kids living at St. Lawrence Place, compliments of Mad Platter.  Mad Platter is awesome--they help SLP with numerous fundraisers and events for the kids throughout the year--much love.
  • Community-wide recognition, as SLP re-brands using your new artwork as our logo!!  You'll be famous!
So, are you interested?!  Know someone who would be great at this? Please pass it along.  Submissions due October 7th.  See details here.

And, now, I'm hungry...Pawley's Food Truck will be at the All Local Farmer's Market tomorrow morning...I think I'm gonna try the Mahi Mahi Tacos this time...

Happy Friday!

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