Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Word for Wednesday


bad beyond correction or reform; impervious to punishment; not easily changed

Many of the words I have highlighted during this A Word for Wednesday series have been words that I liked, but seldom or never used...(and in many cases, still don't, but I'm trying!). However, today's word is a word I use often; most often when speaking to or about my 8-year-old mutt, Peach.

Peach is a rescue dog, discovered as a puppy at The Animal Mission. His "story" was that he had been found locked on the front porch of an abandoned house. They told us that he was a mix between yellow lab and German shepherd, but over the years I have become more and more convinced that Peach is a dingo. (And yes, he is a boy named Peach--named for Ty Cobb, "The Georgia Peach"). Peach also loves to swim and is an avid barker, and the best and most unique thing about him is that he smiles. For real, when you walk in the door and he is excited to see you, his lips pull up and you can see his teeth and he actually smiles. So sweet.

However, Peach has a sense of entitlement when it comes to our furniture, and a simple "no, Peach," or "off" does not usually dissuade him from trying and trying again to climb on the couch with you. This is when I usually break down, let him on the sofa, and say aloud "Peach, you are incorrigible."

Peach, (middle), on the sofa with Abby, (left), and Fat Albert, (right)

But so cute, don't you think?

Definition via
Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.


  1. What a great blog! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  2. Thanks, and I really hope I win that giveaway--the only thing I like more than eating a cupcake is making them!

  3. Awww, peach is so sweet!

    I'm jealous :-)

  4. JMay- thanks for commenting, and for following! Going to check out your blog now...I'm jealous that you live in San Francisco!