Monday, April 5, 2010

Cellar Hunter Cupcake

No, that's not some new form of NATO alphabet, it's two of my favorite local restaurants with the sweetest little cupcake store thrown in because it was my sister's birthday.

A couple Thursday's ago I partook of the amazing 2 pizzas and bottle of wine for $25 deal at Cellar on Greene--they offer this EVERY Thursday, y'all--you're missing out if you haven't tried it. Kaitlin, (of The Wine Snob), recommended some great wine accompaniments, including Alamos Malbec, and I sipped a glass of the Clara Prosecco.

cheese pizza with fresh basil and local tomato marinara

We also ordered the basil-dill hummus appetizer, which comes with warm pita, marinated artichokes, and olives. Our dining companions* had the cheese plate--always a winner in my book.

*One of those dining companions, Jaime Evermann, just started a blog of her own, Non Sequitur Routine. Check it out.

So, then last Friday I went to Hunter Gatherer for lunch for my sister's birthday. HG is now open for lunch, in case you didn't know...

Below is what I got, and for those keeping up with things like that, yes--it has meat on it. And no, I haven't eaten meat in almost 3 months, but I was seriously craving some that day. I said a little prayer for the pig who died to give the prosciutto for my sandwich, hoped that he had a good life and a humane death, and then ate it with reckless abandon. It was good, and I haven't thought about meat since.

Prosciutto, goat cheese and fig sandwich on ciabatta

My mom got the famous Ginny's Bleu Cheese Salad, which is always a winner.

And James got a H-G burger with horseradish cheddar cheese and hashbrowns. They cook a mean burger.
And, I also went to Cupcake in the Vista last Friday--to grab some cupcakes for my sister's b-day. The last time I mentioned Cupcake in a post, I also admitted that I had not been there. I have now visited twice in as many weeks, and have still yet to eat an entire cupcake, (due to the damn Biggest Loser diet), but the place itself is a treat to walk into--very olde-soda-shoppe-feeling. In my visits I have purchased the following cupcake flavors: Key Lime, Turtle, Red Velvet, Mint Chocolate, Black & White, and Double Chocolate--all equally pretty and delicious-looking.

In short, all of these local spots have amazing food to offer, not to mention fun and different atmospheres.
I love a Cellar Hunter Cupcake kind of week--what kind of week will you have?


  1. All this yumminess and you are still losing weight - good for you!!! What willpower you must have....

  2. Keenan--will-power is relative, you know...I can have it for a day or two, as long as I know I can indulge in pizza and champagne on day 3 :)