Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday's Thinking of Food Continued...

These two things came to my attention after I posted today's Thinking of Food, but I thought they were really cool, so here's the continuation:

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*Food & Think, a Smithsonian blog that I newly follow, and love, posted What's Your Beef? Grass-Fed and Other Beef Terminology. The post gives some insight, from an insider, as to what questions we as consumers should be asking to really find out the nitty-gritty about what the meat we're about to eat ate before it was killed, and possibly more importantly, what it didn't eat.
April's In Our Own Words e-mail
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*Just received my monthly e-mail from Anthropologie, In Our Own Words. April's edition is all about gardening and the plans some of the Anthro stores have for Earth Day. Awesome quote from the e-mail: "Gardens are a form of autobiography," says writer and NY Botanical Garden instructor, Sydney Eddison.

So true.

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