Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taco Tuesday

If you have never been to The Whig at 1200 Main Street in downtown Columbia, you must go. They have a drink and/or food special almost every night of the week: my favorites are $1 pizza slice and $2 liquor drink Mondays and $.50 Taco Tuesdays. This particular Tuesday, we were celebrating my sister-in-law, Liz's, birthday, so I was feeling especially festive and ravenous. (Happy birthday Liz!)

The food at The Whig is amazing--the pizza is possibly the closest to NY pizza you can get in Columbia*, and the tacos remind me of the Old El Paso kind mom used to make...a bit Americanized, but soooo good!

If the food isn't enough to make you want to try this treasure, then imagine that the bar is underground...beacuse it is. You enter on the corner of Gervais and Main Streets, but must walk down a good flight of stairs to get to the entrance below street level. It is dark, dank, and very big-city feeling, without even having to try too hard. I'm not quite sure of the history of the building, but it seems that The Whig is now located in a former bank basement, as there is a room in the bar that was the former bank vault. Patrons can actually sit in the vault where there are now vintage (old) sofas and decor that make the room feel incredibly like a cross between a room in the old hotel from The Shining and a 1940's hunting lodge. (See below).

According to someone who works there, the small skulls are from pygmy deer, once native to Germany...I think decide for yourself.

In short, The Whig is one of my favorite places in Columbia right now. Not only is it an extremely affordable place to eat 2 of my favortie foods, but the ambience, (or lack thereof), feels so un-Columbia that I think I'm in a bigger city for a while.
*If you know of a better NY style pizza in Columbia, please let me know! What is your favorite pizza in Cola-town?


  1. Village Idiot, but I haven't ever eaten at The Whig.

  2. oooh, I do love Village Idiot pizza too! They deserve a post soon...