Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There's Not Much Better Than Live Music

At least, according to my toddler, there's not.  It's safe to say that Jones is pretty obsessed with listening to music, and playing musical instruments, and singing, but most especially hearing music live.  I have to admit that his father and I are pretty over-the-moon about this obsession with music.  The video above is him jamming out to The Kernal at the most recent Columbia Jam Room Festival.

At this same festival, we were listening to Dear Blanca, when we hear the lead singer give a shout out to our son.  By name.  James and I looked at each other.  I looked at Jones who was perched on James' shoulders, and then looked back at the lead singer.  I thought, um, how do you know our child's name?!  (He then said into the microphone that he works at Jones' daycare).   But seriously, our 2 year old got a shout-out at a concert.  We've never been prouder!  And Jones took it in stride, no big deal to him.  "Oh yeah, that's Mr. Dyyan."  (He's still working on pronouncing his 'l's correctly...)

taking in some music from the best viewpoint in the house
The hubs is a certifiable musician, and by that, I mean he actually plays instruments and can read music and all that jazz.  I, on the other hand, cannot.  I am woefully very musically-un-inclined, but I sure do appreciate it.  I never even took a Music Appreciation class in school, but if I had, I'm pretty sure I would've aced it.

Thankfully for our family of music-lovers, there is ample opportunity in Columbia to take in some live music, even during the day-when we must enjoy if we're going to take the toddler along for the trip.  We have attended a couple concerts at EdVenture Children's Museum.  Jones asked me the other day if we could "go to the museum to hear some music?"  Alas, the concerts at EdVenture were only scheduled for Fridays during the summer.  Maybe they'll schedule some more for the Fall too, hint, hint...

Lunch Money is a kindie-band favorite--they have dubbed themselves "Indie Rock for the Whole Family," and I would agree.  It's kid-music for people who hate kid-music.  We own a couple CDs and we've heard them twice now at KD's Treehouse in town.  They don't disappoint. 

Here's to more family-friendly live music in the Midlands for my music-lovin' babe!


  1. i'm going to start describing myself as just that: "woefully very musically-un-inclined, but i sure do appreciate it." love it.

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I'm usually pretty good with the self-deprecating (but true) neologisms :) Enjoying reading about your recent artistic ventures!

  2. A-dorable! It's so sweet how passionate he is about music already at such a young age. =)

    1. We miss you, love! He'll love St. Pat's with us this year!