Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinner & a Show on a Budget

Wanna feel all grown-up and go to dinner and a show, but on a budget?  In Columbia, you can.

We ate dinner last night at Gervais & Vine--it hasn't disappointed ever, not once--and then saw Avenue Q at Trustus Theatre.  The dinner was 3 courses; I had a smoked gouda/bacon/shrimp dip, then a petite filet with feta and balsamic reduction served with fingerling potatoes and asparagus, then white chocolate chip bread pudding and ice cream.  I mean, that's some seriously amazing food.  Can you guess what I paid for that food (tax, gratuity, drinks, not included)?  $15.  For real.

The ticket to Avenue Q is $30 (it's a musical) and for $15 extra dollars, I got that awesome meal at Gervais & Vine.  I almost felt bad, like I was stealing...  $45 each for dinner and a show.

Avenue Q was hysterical--and very well-performed.  I saw the off-Broadway version in NYC back in January, so I even had that to compare it to, and I think they did an amazing job.  You should go see it.  And do the dinner and a show deal. 

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I also REALLY want to go see Moonrise Kingdom at The Nick--it's been held over for another week...

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  1. FUN! I didn't realize G&V could be so inexpensive! I may suggest this as before going to see Ave Q with my ladies on the 21st!