Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Denver Eats (Well)

I was in Denver, CO last week for a quick 2-night work trip.  While there we managed to dine at a few very cool local places.

LaLa's Artista Pizza

LaLa's Wine Bar & Pizzeria- great, creative pizzas.  The anchoviest-Caesar salad dressing I've ever eaten, but in a good way.  Nice, neighborhoody-feel.  Would be an awesome place to enjoy a happy hour drink or three, al fresco.

Caffe Sanora- we ate breakfast here-- right across the street from our hotel.  Very friendly service; amazing homemade sundried tomato & asparagus quiche.  In fact, since eating it, I've been on a major quiche-kick...made 7 in the past week!  (5 were to give as end-of-the-year gifts to Jones' teachers).  A decidedly local and hippie-ish place (all organic); I talked with a local mom about her 13-month-olds' use of sign language over breakfast--only in Denver!

Las Margaritas- Pretty heavy stuff for a lunch, but it serves authentic Mexican food.  Since it was a working lunch, I didn't indulge in a Margarita, but hear they are good.  The salsa was amazing.  Wish I had brought some home.

Popcorn and Cava at Linger

Linger- The "trendiest" of the spots we ate on the trip, but still, with a down-to-earth and friendly feel.  Popcorn is the gratis tablefare, differently-spiced each night.  The view of the city is fantastic.  We sat right by the "open wall" and had some awesome small plates.

image via here- the view from Linger

All-in-all, not a bad list of restaurants in Denver, considering we were only there 48 hours and we worked most of it!

Oh, and a fun tidbit about Denver, they ID everyone.  Seriously, everywhere I ordered a drink I was carded.  And it was awesome.

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