Monday, November 14, 2011

Jones- 9 Months Old!

Our baby is 9 months old!  Jones, I believe, is just not going to crawl, (in the conventional sense, anyway).  He can scoot, dive, roll, and pull his way around to get where he wants to go, but as for moving legs and arms in tandem while on all fours, it's not happening!  His unorthodox methods sure are cute and entertaining though.

What?  I may not crawl, but I strike a cute pose...

This past month we celebrated his first Halloween, where he dressed as a chicken and attended a fun Halloween party with plenty of other adorably-garbed baby friends.

Party fowl--a chicken, a penguin, and a duck
Ready to "trick or treat"
Jones is still a super laid-back baby and goes with the flow on most occasions, but he's getting more opinionated when it comes to certain things.  He has gotten very independent when it comes to feeding/eating, so I must give him his own spoon to hold while I feed him or else he'll grab the one I'm using before it can get to his mouth.  Because of this, I try to feed him mostly foods that he can pick up himself!  I am still making some of his baby food--organic applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes/banana--but mostly, he's eating what we eat.  He still loves peas and pretty much all fruits, but chicken (and soy "chicken") are his favorite things--behind Trader Joe's Organic Animal Crackers!

Notice dog, Peach, lurking beneath the high chair...the only reason my kitchen floor is ever "clean."

We're still working on waving, he can do it and will on occasion, but not consistently yet.  He claps all the time--unprompted, to get our attention, or when he's excited.  His smile melts my heart, and he smiles all the time...he has a sweet dimple and adorable teeth!  The top 4 teeth are all in the process of coming in and he has 3 teeth on the bottom.

SC State Fair-wonderment at its best

His favorite toys are anything that he can shake or bang together to make noise--blocks, rattles, balls, anything.  He also loves to grab the entire box/bin/basket of toys that are nearby and dump it--and then play with the box.  Looks to be a cheap Christmas around our parts--Jones will be content with cardboard boxes :)

Jones channeling his old man persona--the boy loves a hat (and so does momma)

Our sweet boy is growing so fast--pulling up on furniture and wanting to stand (with our assistance) all the time!  He is babbling constantly now, and though he hasn't said it directly to him yet, he says "DaDa" pretty often.

And, just to embarrass him someday, I leave you with this picture of his "rooster hair" that he woke up with one day this week.
Look closely--there's a nice spike at the crown :)


  1. Thanks, Katherine! Both of my granddads used to wear hats like it; I know they'd be proud :)