Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Harvest Dinner and A Vacation

Have I mentioned yet on this blog that November is my favorite month of the year?  I'm pretty sure I have...I adore autumn and the cooler air, shorter days, and impending holidays that it brings.  I love wearing scarves and jeans and clogs.  I love sitting beside fires and gazing at yellow leaves and running when it's cold, (but not too cold).  My husband and I were married in November.

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So, here's another thing for me to look forward to in November: I just snagged the last 2 spots for the November 10th Harvest Dinner hosted by Eric McClam of City Roots, Chef Ryan Whittaker of 116 Espresso and Wine Bar, and Vanessa Driscoll of The Southern Greenie.  For only $45/person, according to the website you get:

"Dinners start with a cocktail made with American Harvest Organic Spirits mixed with fresh seasonal juices and fruit. You will be able to enjoy a cocktail while exploring the farm. Then everyone will proceed to the table in the field for a sit down family style dinner paired with sustainable beer or wine.

Your local Chef and Farmer will be on hand to dine with you and talk about the harvest menu and the farm.  After dinner you will be able to experience dessert from Pink Magnolia and purchase produce packages as well as order the beer or wine featured during the dinner. It will be a unique sustainable dinning experience."

If you didn't get tickets yet, don't fret--there is a waiting list, or sign up for one of the dinners in the months to follow.

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And, something to look forward to for now: this Thursday I am heading to Litchfield with my family for one last summer hurrah before my USC class starts back next Monday.  Hello yummy food, lazy days in the sun, and naptimes with babes :)


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