Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stitch Fix

Have you heard of it?  Stitch Fix has quickly become my hook-up for fashion, and it is the most convenient and fun service of its kind that I've ever encountered.

I have never been a huge fan of in-store clothes shopping.  And since I have been pregnant and having babies for the last 4 years of my life, I have basically acquired the majority of my wardrobe at Target.  Not knocking Target, but there comes a time when the wardrobe choices should expand, right?  So, I asked my family to give me gift cards to Stitch Fix for Christmas, and I let the stylists do their work.

Here's how it works:
Create a style profile.
Receive 5 hand-picked items. (In the mail, from your personal stylist!)
Keep what you like, send back what you don't.
The styling fee is $20 per "fix," but is applied towards any purchase of items in the fix.

Seriously, y'all, it is extremely fun to open a box of items that have been specifically picked for you based on your style and in your price range; they can even look at your Pinterest pages for inspiration, if you want!  The items I have kept from the 3 fixes I have received so far have already become wardrobe staples, and some of the items are things I might never have picked for myself, but now I love!

Here's what was in the fix I received last week:
Simple, classic green cardigan. Kept.

Amazing-color-green chiffon pleated skirt, alas it did not fit. Returned.
My favorite piece from this fix- flowy sleeveless blouse w/ exposed front zipper. Kept.

Shoulder/back detail from above shirt--so beautiful!
Tribal print tank; not something I loved. Returned.
Black print tank-gorgeous open back detail!  Kept.
Also included in each fix is a card from your stylist, with photos of sample stylings for the different pieces. When you return pieces, they encourage you to tell them why you're returning, so each fix gets more and more on-point with what you like and what fits, etc.  It's pretty great.

So, what are you waiting for?  Try it.  You'll like it. (That was a Yo Gabba Gabba reference for all you parents out there).
And if you try it, please use my referral code, below; I will receive a $25 Stitch Fix credit.
Then, once you've scheduled your first fix, you can earn credit from referring friends as well!

My referral code: http://stitchfix.com/sign_up?referrer_id=3023176 

If you've already tried, do you love it?!

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