Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Jones and I often have our best conversations while in the car.  Two of the most recent:

On the way home from school a few days ago:
J- Mom, I don't feel good.
Me- Oh No! Why not, babe?  Does something hurt?
J- No. I just don't feel good. I don't feel like I'm outside.
Me- Well, that's because you're not. We're in the car. [stifled laughter]
J- My fwends gave me strangers.
Me- (silence)
Me-Your friends gave you what?
J- Strangers.
Me- Well, that sounds bad. Is that like cooties? [knowing full well he had no idea what cooties are, just wanting to prolong the entertaining conversation]
J- No, mom. Strangers is strangers.

And, then just this morning on the way to school:
J- Mom, animals don't wear clothes.
Me- Very good observation, hon. Why do you think that is?
J- Because they poop a lot.

Jones' most recent school picture.
That kid and this age (3) is proving to be the most entertaining yet.  He constantly sings, (mostly made-up songs), and he loves to dance and make music.  He is indeed his own drummer.

And in the world of 10-month-old Bird, here she is wearing her first hair bow:

She is crawling and "cruising" all over the place, and wants exactly what her brother has in his hands at any given moment.  And, her latest foray into the brave new world of vocabulary is "uh oh."  She's really great at it and practices saying it constantly.  We're rooting for a new word pretty hard over here :)

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