Friday, January 31, 2014

Minted, Julep, & Independent Art

Supporting independent artists is pretty awesome, right?  I recently read about a creative contest hosted by Minted and West Elm on this cool new blog, Julep.  What better way to get your art seen than by entering this contest? Creative friends, get on it; entries are due Sunday!

The Julep blog also has fun, easy DIY projects, like this precious stamped hearts valentine, which I will be attempting with Jones soon.  (He is slightly obsessed with ink stamps these days!)

While on the Minted site, I was looking for some cute toddler-friendly cards that Jones could send out as thank-you notes for his recent 3rd birthday gifts. My momma taught me that a thank you note is ALWAYS in order, and I figure it's time to start teaching my children the same.  I found these precious cards that he will be 'stamping with thanks' shortly:

While on the site, I also perused the Art Prints and found this:

 The type-writer font and the handwriting samples are so rad!  The history portrayed in this old library check-out card is so great. I typically only buy used books for the sole reason that I love imagining the people who have read the books before me. 

And original art is always a welcome gift, don't you think? Valentine's gift, maybe?  And speaking of Valentine's, they have awesome original-art cards for kids or adults.

So, if you're in the market for some affordable, unique art by independent artists, or cute stationery, I highly recommend the quality items at Minted.  And the Julep blog has been added to my blog roll as a place for craft-inspiration!

*I was asked to write a post for Minted and Julep, and in return, received consideration for free products.
Opinions are 100% my own.
All photos are courtesy of Minted and Julep.


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    1. Thanks, love! I finished Where's Bernadette a couple nights ago--so good! Thanks for the rec :)