Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Toddler's Favorites

My 20-month-old's teachers told me yesterday that they had noticed that every time they tell the class to pick a book from the bookshelf, Jones always picks the same one: a book with kid-friendly recipes.  They said it has pictures of foods made into cute little animals and shapes.  I guess I'm not really surprised; the boy does love to eat.  (And he gets it quite honestly, from momma and daddy).

At home, his favorite books right now include:
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He is really into books where he can point out and say the word for what he sees on the page--it is amazing to see his comprehension expand so quickly!  And his vocabulary is catching up, too.  Although he still speaks entire paragraphs in seeming-gibberish, we are beginning to understand him more and more.  His favorite words right now are "truck" (cuck) and "bus."  He loves to point out every truck and bus we see when we're in the car.  He also always points out the fountain ("wa-wa, mama!") that we see on our route to and from school everyday and the firetrucks in the fire house on Devine Street.

He's starting to put together 2-word phrases really well: "hold you" (when he wants to be picked up) is my absolute favorite...I mean, how can you resist that!?  He also says "love you, mama/dada/yaya/didi/caca" to whoever he's with.  I enact the proverbial hand-clasp-over-heart every time I hear it.

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