Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Random Thursday Post

My week has been crazy.  We're still battling a stomach bug in the Hill house--momma and daddy got it first, and now baby has it--yuck!  On top of that, we are planning to leave the babe with his grandparents for 2 nights this weekend so we can attend a wedding in Spartanburg, SC- (yay, Kaley & Drew!).  I am a bit nervous about leaving him, especially now that he's not feeling well...hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.

I haven't even begun to pack for that trip, and then when I get back I have two days to do laundry and pack for my trip to NYC!  I am beyond excited about this trip, but I'm a little nervous that my wardrobe may not be prepared for the weather...but oh well, I'll worry about that next trip at a time, right?

So, now for the randomness--I bought these cord shorts for Jones on major sale this week:
image via here

So cute, right!?  And FREE shipping from Zara, you can't beat that.

And, instead of doing laundry and packing, this week I've been working on some handmade items for Jones' first birthday party--which is 2 weeks away!  Crazy.  I'm making a crown for the birthday boy and a bunting for his cake--similar to the one below. 
image via here
So, sorry for the lack of posts this week, and don't expect much for next week, but I'll be back soon with posts about the wedding, the NYC trip, and the birthday party!  Whew.
Happy January!

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