Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Very Crafty Christmas

I love the adrenaline and pressure of staying up late to finish holiday projects. I am a holy-horrible-procrastinator by nature, and I get it honestly: I vividly remember my mother staying up into the wee hours to complete sewing projects when I was a kid.  Here are some of the crafts that I am working on (or planning on working on by December 24th!) for the holidays:

image via here

1) Popsicle Memory Game- this one is actually already complete!  The printable pattern and instructions can be found here at a favorite blog, Eat, Drink, Chic.  This is a gift for my 4 year old nephew, Ben.  He is obsessed with anything sweet, popsicles especially.  I got a glass jar with screw-on lid from Hobby Lobby and decorated it with popsicle stickers.  I also Contact-papered the popsicles so they'll last longer.  Really cute, and easy.

image via here

2) Ribbon Wreath- Finished this last night!  Instructions and material list were found in the December 2011 Woman's Day magazine.  Don't have a great picture of the one I did with Candy Cane-striped red and white ribbon, but the one above was created using the same instructions, borrowed from here.  I am gifting this to my sister today.

image via here

3) A-Frame Tent- This is what I am most excited to make (and give) this year...this is for my almost-11-month-old son, Jones.  The complete step-by-step instructions I found here, on one of my favorite blogs, Cakies.  I always loved making temporary pillow-and-blanket forts as a kid, and I hope that he will appreciate this fun handmade tent for years to come.  My husband is handling the wooden frame and I will be sewing the fabric piece.  I ordered the vintage Sesame Street sheet below to make into the tent cover. 

images via here
Pictures to come of the finished product, (but don't expect them before December 25th!)

What are you making this holiday season?


  1. Love the craft ideas, Becca! I actually made an ornament wreath for our front door this year, and I felt very accomplished and crafty. :)

  2. Thanks, Kristi! Ooh, pics of the ornament wreath, please!