Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Horns and a Stand-Up Bass

I love horns-trumpet, sax, trombone.  I get it honestly, my father really only likes music that includes horns...he used to say of the rock 'n roll/pop that I listened to as an angsty teenager: "3 guitarists, a drummer and a singer does not a band make.  Where are the horns?!"  Of course, because I was an angsty teen, I rolled my eyes and tried not to sing along too loudly when he played his favorites with horns- mostly Motown and beach music like The Embers, The Four Tops, and The Four Seasons.

Lots of horns in this classic--beloved by my Dad (and me):

I also love a stand-up bass (aka cello).  One of my favorite REM songs includes an amazingly well-timed cello solo:...wait for it, it's at the end:

So, those things being said about my love of horns and stand-up-bass, here are a couple songs from new-to-me artists I was excited to come across on NPR's list of 5 Artists You Should Know in 2011.  Enjoy.

Of Monsters and Men:

J.D. McPherson: 

Any new music you're loving?

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