Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Forays Into Vegan Cooking

Last week I made cauliflower & pea pockets from The Plantiful Table cookbook and whole wheat biscuits from the Thug Kitchen cookbook.

Both of these recipes intimidated me at first. Biscuits are terrifying to me, and always have been--I am a chronic dough-over-mixer and in case you don't know, that is not a good thing.

And phyllo dough is kind of scary...it tears really easily, you have to thaw it in the fridge for a while because it usually comes frozen, you have to keep it moist and brush it with melted butter...it's kind of involved!

Anyway, apparently I was feeling ambitious; here are the results:
The pea & cauliflower pockets turned out great!  The phyllo dough wasn't that difficult to use after all; only one wasted sheet for the whole recipe.  The pockets were delicious and I ate on them all week long since my kids wouldn't touch them.  [They are both in a very picky stage. I don't really want to talk about the angst it conjures in me when they won't eat something I have creatively made for them from scratch...]

Here's the filling for the pockets:

I had some leftover & just ate it plain as a side dish--very tasty.

The biscuits were a bit of a different outcome, but not a total fail:
pre-baking...I was pretty psyched for how they looked right here!

Surprise--I over-mixed the biscuit dough. The biscuits were a little tough and very flat. Not unlike hockey pucks.  But my kids & ate them just the same!  I mean anything's edible with some butter (vegan butter for me!) and cinnamon and sugar, right?

My favorite part of the Thug Kitchen biscuit recipe? This line: "Make your own biscuits because that store-bought shit is shady as hell.  Food shouldn't be packaged like a stick on explosives. That shit is unnatural."


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