Thursday, December 3, 2015

Best Shortbread Cookie in Columbia: Rise Bakeshop

Birdie and I flitted down to Rise Gourmet Goods &Bakeshop a few weeks ago to grab some goodies as a reward for her finally bring potty-trained! (Anyone who has ever potty-trained a child knows the elation.)

I had first heard of the new bakery when reading this article by Eva Moore of the Free Times.  I mean, who doesn't want to try something called a s'moreo?!

Birdie picked out a chocolate crinkle cookie and I chose a shortbread cookie with black pepper for Jones. I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you it's the best shortbread I have ever eaten. And shortbread is one of my favorite types of cookies.  These are the best. Buttery and just the right texture, with a hint of pepper.  So delicious.

I also grabbed a container of pimento cheese spread to balance my late-afternoon snack, and it was commendable as well.

Fast forward 2 weeks and it was crunch-time to grab some snacks for Thanksgiving dinner pre-gaming.  Boiled peanut hummus and caramelized onion dip from their fridge were no-brainers, and the buffalo shmear made the list after I tried some in the store. All paired with some house made pepper crackers.

They had some pretty clever and unique gift baskets made up which would be great for holiday gifting.

In short, Rise Bakery is one of my new favorite spots for appetizers, sweets, and party goodies! And their clean and modern branding and logo is a little eye candy to boot.  Check them out for lunch or brunch or snacks or party food! And definitely shortbread.

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  1. I am a shortbread lover, First got introduced to its delicate taste by a English friend years ago when we were chef instructors at a local culinary school. She made it quick and easy and it was always delicious and a great treat for my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing