Friday, February 15, 2013

Toddler Tantrums & Treats

Minute-to-minute my emotions and thoughts are so differently-focused these days...I blame the 34-week-pregnant-hormones.

Today's focus seems to have landed on how to prepare (and love-up) my sweet 2-year-old before this baby girl comes into the world.  I'm having the typical anxieties about how he will react...I have a feeling nursing time will be pretty brutal, as Jones is already mama-clingy these days.  And I'm pretty sure he totally gets that there is change coming, as he has already started wanting me to hold him and rock him "like baby" more and more.

I am reading up and asking advice on how to handle all of this, and for now, holding tight to the boy while also trying to lay down some discipline as his tantrums and willfulness seem to have spiked to the "terrible twos" level literally overnight.  One thing I have thought might help with the behavior issues is to create a reward system for chores.
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I know some might think 2 is a bit young to do chores, but Jones loves to help and he actually can do some helpful things around the house, (with a little oversight!)  I just ordered these brilliant little chore magnets from Etsy and am excited for Jones to use them!  I included Feed Dogs, Pick Up Toys, Brush Teeth, Try a New Food, and Water Garden, among other things...

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A friend of mine "pinned" a genius idea on Pinterest the other day, a "nursing basket," full of new/rarely allowed toys, games, and stuff for the older child to play with only when the baby is nursing.  As I've been thinking of what to put in Jones' basket, I came across these personalize-able flashcards from Pinhole Press that I had "pinned" a while ago, and I decided to order them for him.  I think it will be a fun and educational thing to put in Jones' "nursing basket."
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So, any advice for me on how to seamlessly (ha!) bring a new baby into a 2-year-old's world??  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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