Friday, December 21, 2012

I Heart Zara

Somehow, earlier this year I was introduced to Zara kids' clothing; I think via this blog, (which I love).  The clothes are really well-made and stylish.  I haven't bought a thing for full-price, as it's a little more than I can afford to spend on clothes, but they have great sales.  

Here's what I scored this morning--their Fall/Winter sale just started, so I got some things for Jones and Baby Girl (Birdie) for next year:
Can't you just picture these with some cute-colored tights underneath?!
I actually want this in my size, but it'll be even cuter on a baby!

Cableknit leggings for an infant. Enough said.
And for Jones:
The boy looks good in blue.
The boy also looks great in a hat; and loves them to boot.

Happy Holidays! XO

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