Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Shoes- Not Always Practical, But So Cute, Right?

**Disclaimer--I promise to calm down with the baby posts once I go back to work, but while I'm on maternity leave, baby is pretty much on the brain all the time.  (And should be, I think).  But, for those of you who aren't impressed or interested with all the baby posts, I just wanted to reassure you that soon I will resume more adult-focused posts :)

But today, baby shoes is on the brain.  Jones received the pair below as a gift--they fit snug even on the tiniest little feet.

from Little Lambs and Ivy on Devine Street

And I just bought these on-line at Gymboree last night--on sale.  Pretty preppy, but adorable little moccasins, don't you think?!.
image via here
Happy Thursday!


  1. I want the Gymboree shoes - order me some for Tay if they still have you back!!

  2. Thanks for blogging about your baby and the baby gifts you get from Little LAmbs & Ivy!